Nuclear Power Full Life-cycle
Global Summit 2018
March 7th - 8th
Limited Seats. Don't Miss Out.
Washington D.C. USA
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March 7th and 8th 2018 Washington D.C. USA
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Join us March 7th and 8th 2018
The Global Nuclear Leadership Community
Washington D.C. USA

Global Summit 2018

Limited Seats. Don't Miss Out.

Nuclear Power
Full Life-cycle

March 7th - 8th
Washington D.C. USA

Nmble’s Nuclear Power Full Life-cycle Global Summit 2018 will address the key issues faced by the industry associated with New Nuclear Development, Plant Operational Support, Plant Life Extension, Long Term Operation, Waste Management, Decommissioning, Regulation & Policy, Technology, Innovation and Trends. In other words; we will discuss topics from the early planning stages to building state-of-the-art modern nuclear power plants. Life Management & Extension of existing nuclear power plants to inevitably Decommissioning and Waste Management. No stone stays unturned whilst discussing current regulations and policies with official representatives from government agencies in an open forum. Only a handful of companies with ground-breaking technology will be given the opportunity to use our platform to present their findings. Vanguards of this industry will enlighten participants with innovations, the latest trends and what to expect in the near future!

Join us in Washington DC and seize the moment to discover what the developments are on a global scale. Discuss your challenges and solutions with peers through an interactive and informative two-day program. Feel free to ask questions during the discussion panel sessions or in private while enjoying refreshments in the breaks, lunch, dinner or drinks.

Who will attend? Predominantly Senior Level Executives, Head of Operations, Technical Directors, New Build Experts, Aging Management Specialists, Plant Life Extension Managers, Plant Life Management Specialist, Decommissioning & Waste Management Experts, Technical Engineers, Asset Managers, Association Representatives, Regulatory & Policy Officers, Solution Providers, Suppliers and Consultants.

Agenda Committee

Professor, PhD Jan Blomgren

Donald Hofmann
President & CEO | Excel Services Corporation

Robert H. Scott III
Sr. VP Business Development & Marketing
ARES Security Corporation

Dr Fiona Rayment
Executive Director NIRO
National Nuclear Laboratory

King Lee
Director Harmony Programme
World Nuclear Association

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Nuclear Power Full Life-cycle Global Summit

March 7th – 8th, Washington D.C. USA

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